is a family-owned company offering the highest quality natural mineral products on the food and other markets

Currently, in order to expand the offer for you, we have introduced natural diatoms (diatomaceous earth) for humans, for animals and plants.

As a result, we have become representative of a consortium of the world’s largest mining companies, with direct access to the world’s best mineral resources.

In addition, these companies provide substantive support for diatoms (diatomaceous earth) and their applications at the highest global level. The combined know-how of foreign partners together with our many years of experience give professional support to our clients and partners.

We have constant supervision of the Provincial Sanitary Inspector, ensuring safety and compliance with applicable laws and standards.

We work permanently with an accredited testing laboratory to provide our customers with a safe, trustworthy and top quality product.

The whole, in addition to the American partners, is supervised and substantive support is provided by professors and researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry of the Warsaw University of Technology, the Institute of Materials Science, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw Medical University and Warsaw University of Life Sciences.


Andrzej Wiewióra

Professor Andrzej Wiewióra
Geologist and mineralogist known in Poland and in the world

Wojciech Wiewióra

A graduate of the Institute of Materials Science at the Warsaw University of Technology and the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw and an MBA at the University of Illinois in the USA.

Małgorzata Wiewióra

A graduate of the Faculty of Animal Sciences at Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

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