Diatoms (diatomaceous earth) give unique benefits to humans, animals and plants. Diatomaceous earth is also a non-toxic and environmentally safe alternative to chemical means for pests...

The unique properties of building diatom shells make that diatomite can be used as a food additive, which effectively prevents caking, protects against pests activity and ensures storage hygiene. Diatomaceous earth is particularly often used in grain protection.

We recommend a completely natural, harmless to the environment and food pest control agent, applicable in silos and mills, grain elevators and warehouses, as well as in households. The diatoms protect the grain, serving as a safe addition to grain and other seeds fighting against pests such as: cornucopia, red scabbard, grain weevil, nut shell, suryham grenade, millworm flour, trojszyki, weevils, moths, larvae and many more…

Grains and seeds that can be protected are: barley, buckwheat, oats, corn, rye, rice, sorghum, millet, sunflower seeds, wheat and other…

Grain after adding diatoms will have a slightly „dusty” appearance. Healthy grains mixed with diatoms will fill a larger volume of the tank. Thanks to the use of amorphous diatomite, the economic losses of the product resulting from the activity of pests as well as moisture will be reduced. The diatom shells have the ability to absorb moisture, so that they keep the beans dry.


Silos: add 3.3 kg of diatoms per ton of grain (0.33%).

At home: add a little over 1 teaspoon (3.3 g) of diatoms for each kilo of grain (0.33%).

Protection of feed or feed against insects: the suggested portion is 1 cup of diatoms per 20 kg of grain (0.33%). For smaller portions, add a little over 1 tea teaspoon (3.3 g) for each kilogram (0.33%).

Recommendations and precautions

Do not allow diatoms to enter the eyes, as they may cause their dryness. Avoid long-term inhalation of high concentrations of the product, as this may lead to irritation of the respiratory system. Wear a face mask (or take care) especially if you have problems with your lungs and respiratory system or if you have asthma. Never use crystalline diatoms or those that do not have food quality. It may cause damage to your or your pets’ body.